Tree Planting & Introduction to ICBA


This is an introductory trip, so if you have not been to ICBA before and want to know about agriculture in the UAE then this trip is for you! It combines an entertaining and educational walking tour with hands on activities. The tree you will plant will enrich the soil and contribute to protecting the soil from erosion. Additionally, you would be offsetting your carbon footprint by up to 38 kg per year for every tree planted!

  1. Introduction to ICBA
  2. All about the heat and drought resilient tree, Ghaf 
  3. Benefits of planting trees 
  4. Guided tour of ICBA experimental farm
  5. Planting Ghaf 
Topics Addressed
  1. Marginal environments
  2. Food and nutrition security
  3. Drought and climate change
  4. Salt affected soils
  5. Biosaline agriculture
  6. Soil in the UAE
  7. Features of UAE native trees
  8. Tree planting skills
  9. Hydroponics and innovative farming methods
Education Program
University & Corporate Programs
  • 130 AED per participant
  • 10 -30 participants
  • 3 hours

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