What lives under my feet?


Students learn about what happens underground: from plant leaves falling to the organisms decomposing them to their return as nutrients to plants and later to humans as food. The focus of the trip is on biodiversity. 

  1. Guided tour of the Emirates Soil Museum.
  2. Scavenger hunt for insects in the museum garden.
  3. Inspect collected insects with magnifying glasses and record data.
  4. Create a model of your favorite bug, paint it and take it home!

Topics Addressed
  1. Soil life cycle
  2. Soil food web
  3. Plants’ role in soil
  4. Animals’ role in soil
  5. Insects and micro-organisms that live in soil
  6. Decomposition and food
  7. Reading and understanding maps

Education Program
School Trips
  • 65 AED per student
  • 15-60 participants
  • 3 hours

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