What is the UAE climate and what can survive here?


Students learn about the different ecosystems that exist in the UAE and the different organisms that live in each ecosystem. They make connections between the ecosystem characteristics and how the organisms have adapted accordingly.

  1. Guided tour of the Emirates Soil Museum.
  2. Tour of the ICBA field experiments.
  3. Identify the adaptive features of the surrounding plants and determine their native ecosystem.
  4. Create your own pot, paint it, plant in it and take it home!
Topics Addressed
  1. Climate
  2. Biome
  3. Ecosystem
  4. Biodiversity
  5. Habitats
  6. Evolution/natural selection
  7. Plant adaptations
  8. Soils and rocks
Education Program
School Trips
  • 65 AED per student
  • 15-60 participants
  • 3 hours

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