What is the human impact on soil health?


After understanding the soil ecosystem services, students can begin to compare the degradation of soil over time. Students get the chance to compare properties of different soil samples and determine the threat to soil and what caused it.

  1. Guided tour of the Emirates Soil Museum.
  2. Experiments to identify threats to soil:
    • pH test
    • Color categorization
    • Soil texture
    • Soil salinity
    • Soil nutrients (NPK tests)
  3. Presentations on solutions to farmers.
  4. Create your own painting using soil and take it home!
Topics Addressed
  1. Soil erosion
  2. Soil pollution
  3. Soil salinization
  4. Soil pH
  5. Soil nutrients
  6. Effect of soil quality on biodiversity
  7. Carbon cycle
  8. Nitrogen Cycle
Education Program
School Trips
  • 65 AED per student
  • 15-60 participants
  • 3 hours

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