Water in the UAE


Students are introduced to the global water security problem and learn about the link between water and soil. They then focus on the UAE and particularly on desalination.

  1. Guided tour of the Emirates Soil Museum.
  2. Tour of the ICBA field experiments.
  3. Collect water samples from various sources before and after desalination and fisheries.
  4. Compare the quality of the water from these different sources.
  5. Assemble your own mini hydroponics set and take it home!
Topics Addressed
  1. Water security
  2. Water sources in the UAE
  3. Desalination
  4. Excretion in living things
  5. Diversity in living organisms
  6. Human interactions with the environment
  7. Management of natural resources
Learning Outcomes

Students learn about the use of fresh and saline water in agriculture. They then focus on desalination and the problem with the reject brine and learn about some solutions for managing it. 

Education Program
School Trips
  • 65 AED per student
  • 15-60 participants
  • 3 hours

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