Introduction to soils and plants


Students learn about the 5 forming factors of soil and why soil is important. They also learn about the relationship between soil and plants and how they rely on each other for survival.

  1. Introduction to ICBA and the Emirates Soil Museum
  2. Virtual tour of the Emirates Soil Museum
  3. Interactive session on soils and plants
  4. DIY experiment: grow your own food from scraps and sprout legumes from your pantry!
  5. Q&A
Topics Addressed
  1. What is soil
  2. Soil formation
  3. Connection between soils and plants
  4. Why soil and plants are important
  5. How to grow one’s own food at home
Learning Outcomes
  1. Understand the importance of soil
  2. Identify how different environmental factors affect soil formation and soil types
  3. Understand the interdependence of soil and plants
  4. Ability to grow one’s own food at home on a budget
Education Program
Online Programs
  • 35 AED per student
  • > 10 participants
  • 90 minutes

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