The Future of Farming


By the year 2050, the world population would reach approximately 10 billion people which is around 2.5 billion more than today. That means that we would need to produce more food in an ever more competitive natural resources market.

  1. Introduction to ICBA and ICBA YES
  2. Presentation on current and projected farming trends globally and in the UAE.
  3. Q&A
  4. DIY experiment: create your own mini hydroponics system!
Topics Addressed
  1. Agriculture and Food security
  2. Agri-tech and the future of farming
  3. Autonomous farming, drones, remote sensing and IOT
  4. Vertical farming, aquaculture and integrated farming
  5. Alternative proteins
  6. Genetic editing
Learning Outcomes
  1. Deep understanding of food security challenges
  2. Recognize the need for innovation in this sector
  3. List various agricultural technologies in use today and projected for the future
  4. Differentiate between global and UAE specific challenges and innovations
Education Program
Online Programs
  • 35 AED per student
  • > 10 participants
  • 90 minutes

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