World Water Day at the museum!

25 March 2019

The theme for World Water Day 2019 is ‘Leaving no one behind’. This is an adaptation of the central promise of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goal 6: Water for all. Today, billions of people are still living without safe water – their households, schools, workplaces, farms and factories struggling to survive and thrive (UN Water).

Emirates Soil Museum, Surge and Blank Canvas join hands this year to engage Grade 5/Year 6 students in actively learning about water access and conservation as well as its relation to soil and life all around us.

Event Activities

This half day event from 9 am – 12:30 pm on Monday March 25, 2019 will include:

  • Tour of the Emirates Soil Museum: Guided tour of this unique facility in the region, where students will learn about and map out the precious water and soil resources of the UAE.
  • Race for Water: An obstacle course where students experience what it is like for disadvantaged persons to find water and appreciate the obstacles they may face. This drives empathy and reinforces the notion that we must leave no one behind.
  • Every Drop Counts: A fun game that ensures no one goes without water, being mindful and careful of every water drop. This challenge allows them to appreciate this most precious resource and learn that "Water Is Life".
  • The Water Maze: Seeks to reinforce the need for partnerships in achieving the ambitious Global Goals. The children will collaborate to jointly solve a life size maze which demonstrates how water is the undercurrent for all the SDGs. The game requires every member of the team to think and collaborate to win. Three teams will compete to see which group can work most effectively together.
  • Communal Art: A series of creative and collaborative workshops which will allow attendees to express themselves artistically by painting together around one canvas fostering a spirit of cooperation and creativity.


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